House & Site Histories.


House & Site Histories.

If you need to trace the history of a site or house, then Eneclann’s expert researchers are here to help.

Have you always wondered about the history of your house?  When was it built? Who lived there? Or are you looking to research a house for someone else as a present?  Our Private House History service is what you need. 

Maybe you are an estate agent or developer looking for background information for sales and marketing materials, or in order to name a site. If so, take a look at our Site History services. 

Architects working on redevelopments or renovations of older properties may want to commission an Architectural House History report to understand the history of the development of a property for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), planning applications, applying for tax relief or conservation grants, or as context for clients.

Private Houses

Discover the history of your house. Using all major Dublin repositories, we can trace the ownership and occupation of your house back to the time it was built. Sources include street directories, census returns, legal documents, land records and architectural records.Your comprehensive report will include copies of relevant records and maps that come to light in the course of our research. A House History is an ideal wedding, birthday or Christmas gift. If intended as a gift, please order 10 weeks in advance.

A House History is also a valuable resource when seeking planning permission for a listed building, tax relief under section 482 of the taxes consolidation act, or a local authority conservation grant.

Site Histories

We have two Site History services designed for estate agents and developers:

Marketing Report

For estate agents wishing to investigate the history of a house for sales and marketing purposes we can create a tailored report which will detail the construction and occupancy of a particular property as well as the history and context of the local area. Clients include Sherry Fitzgerald and Douglas Newman Good.

Site Naming History

Should you wish to name a house or new development to reflect and preserve the heritage of the local area, we can create a report that lists 20 names extracted from historical sources including place names, family names and other topographical details associated with the area. 


Our Architectural House History is a specialist service designed for architects working on redevelopments or renovations of older properties.

Why Commission an Architectural House History?

Our expert researchers will trace the history of the development of a property from historical record presenting the findings in a report which may be used:

  • within an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS),
  • as part of a planning application for listed buildings or developments within conservation areas
  • when applying for tax relief under section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act
  • when applying for local authority conservation grants
  • as background historical context for clients in proposals for developments or renovations

About the Report

The Architectural House History report focuses on the construction and development of the property including establishing:

  • the date of construction of the property
  • the original dimensions of the property
  • any subsequent changes or additions to the property
  • the functions of the property

The report also includes:

  • Information on the architect, designer or builder where possible, including copies of any plans or drawings if located.
  • Local History of the area and context within which the property was built and its subsequent functions within the locality.
  • Record of occupants and owners of the property including a biography of any significant persons.

For further information please contact us to discuss your project.