Records Management.


Records Management.

Eneclann is one of Ireland’s leading firm of Records Management consultants. Our staff are trained to postgraduate level in Archives and Records Management and are familiar with current theory and practice as well as all the regulatory and standards requirements. We provide services for all organisation types and industry sectors. Our key records management services include:

  • Surveying records on and off-site
  • Interviewing staff and management
  • Developing a classification system and retention schedule
  • Identifying non-current records and appraising current records
  • Identifying vital records
  • Advising on an implementation strategy
  • Project Management and implementation

Training & Skills Transfer

On completion of a project we provide all the training and back-up necessary for implementation and maintenance of the records management programme within your organisation.

Advice on Legal & Regulatory Compliance

We can advise on the legal obligations placed by the Freedom of Information Act, National Archives Act, Data Protection Act and other legislation such as GDPR.


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