National College of Art and Design.

Client: National College of Art and Design (NCAD)
Projects: The Earley Database, Digitisation of Student Registers
Date: 2004, 2005
Earley Database:
Student Registers:

Earley Studios design for St Fannans’ College, Ennis; Extract from Student Registers
Images reproduced with kind permission of National College of Art and Design.


Since 2001, Eneclann has provided the National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) with expert advice in the management of Special Collections and has delivered a range of archiving services including arranging and indexing, database development, digitisation, and training in archival theory and cataloguing.

Earley Studios Database
Eneclann was responsible for imaging artwork created by stained glass manufacturers and designers. The designs were imaged at 300 DPI using our Bookeye ® scanner, and they were indexed by our archival team. Currently published online at the National Irish Visual Arts Library.

Digitisation of Student Registers
Eneclann digitised 12,000 pages of manuscript Student Registers for the National College of Art and Design from 1870 – 1960, encompassing over 130,000 records (3.5 million characters). The images were captured using a Bookeye ® digital array at 300 DPI preservation standard. Access images were then output at 150DPI for use internally and for the internet. Index data capture was carried out by IIM. This material was especially complex as much of it consisted of daily attendance registers, where names had to be captured from signatures. Moreover a significant portion (around 8%) were written using Irish script. The results from IIM were exceptional. Access the Student Registers database here.

“The application of high standards of professionalism has been a consistent feature of Eneclann’s work and has assisted NIVAL in securing funds from the Heritage Council for eight separate projects in the past ten years. We have an excellent working relationship with Eneclann and recommend them without qualification for all aspects of archives and records management.”
Donna Romano, MA, MLIS, Library Administrator
National Irish Visual Arts Library, National College of Art & Design