Digitisation is the process of converting information from a paper format into a digital or electronic image.  A wide range of information can be digitised, including letters, books, photographs and other documents.  Many original documents contain a lot of information and it is preferable to make the digital versions searchable.

An advantage of converting information into a digital image is that it can be shared online, through a website or on CD.  Digitisation is an ideal solution for libraries, museums and archives responsible for conserving and providing access to rare, old and fragile collections of source material.  It enables such organisations to:

  • Preserve and conserve their collections for future generations to enjoy
  • Increase access to their collections, but decrease document handling
  • Efficiently search and retrieve information contained within their collections

Eneclann’s experts have digitised Irish historical records dating as far back as 14th century manuscripts for a wide range of clients.  We also run digitisation training courses and publish historical records online and in CD-Rom format.

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