My Ancestor Was A … Teacher

For anyone whose ancestor was a teacher, there are number of records available in the National Archives of Ireland.  Deposited records date from 1832 and consist mainly of records of the Commissioners of National Education.

The National Education records include: Applications for Grants 1832-1890 [ED/1]; Registers (administrative) 1832-1905 [ED/2]; Teachers’ Salary Books 1834-1918 [ED/4]; Newspaper Cuttings 1854-1922  [ED/7]; Case Files 1877-1924  [ED/9]; and Records relating to teacher training colleges and Irish colleges, 1906-1922  [ED/11].

Some of the above series are covered by a card index arranged by national school within each county. Others are covered by lists.

The National Archives has also accessioned a small number of roll books and registers from individual schools. The roll books list the attendance of named pupils.  The registers provide details of the pupils’ home addresses, parents’ occupations and an account of pupils’ academic progress and attendance record.  Lists of roll books and registers can be consulted in the Reading Room at the National Archives.

A more detailed guide to sources on National Education available at the National Archives is available.

Eneclann has also published on CD Reports from Commissioners, Irish Education Inquiry, Second Report, Schools of all Denominations, 1826.  This publication lists over 12,000 names of masters and mistresses in schools based on returns from both Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy dating from 1824.  The information contained is broken down into county level and then into individual schools, with great descriptions.  This is an excellent resource for people looking to trace family working in education before the Famine.

Remember also that Eneclann offers research services if you can’t make it to the archives yourself, or if you have hit a brick wall, or just need some help!


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