Architectural House History

Our Architectural House History is a specialist service designed for architects working on redevelopments or renovations of older properties.

Why Commission an Architectural House History?
Our expert researchers will trace the history of the development of a property from historical record presenting the findings in a report which may be used:

  • within an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS),
  • as part of a planning application for listed buildings or developments within conservation areas
  • when applying for tax relief under section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act
  • when applying for local authority conservation grants
  • as background historical context for clients in proposals for developments or renovations

About the Report
The Architectural House History report focuses on the construction and development of the property including establishing:

  • the date of construction of the property
  • the original dimensions of the property
  • any subsequent changes or additions to the property
  • the functions of the property

The report also includes:

  • Information on the architect, designer or builder where possible, including copies of any plans or drawings if located.
  • Local History of the area and context within which the property was built and its subsequent functions within the locality.
  • Record of occupants and owners of the property including a biography of any significant persons.

An Architectural House History costs from €900. For further information please contact us on house.histories@localhost