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Latest Expert Workshops for Continuous Professional Development

clare bradley workshop

This was our most topical and innovative workshop to date, and it drew a capacity audience.
Claire examined the benefits but also the problems that new technology can bring to family historians.

We all know that technology has delivered a ‘digital revolution’ in Irish family history.
In the last decade more than 100 million Irish records have gone online.

Easier access to the records has transformed Irish family history from a minority pastime to a popular hobby.
Tracing your family tree back many generations is now open to everyone.
There is also greater ease of access to information and research online, via social media (Twitter, Facebook) and Message Boards.
It has become standard practise to review family trees and boards online.

Claire raised key questions about how we, as family historians, respond to the new technology.
She covered the “netiquette” of putting family trees online: be aware that once you publish, you can’t put the genie back into the bottle.
If a distant cousin decides to take your research and replicate it elsewhere, there’s not much you can do.
If privacy is important to you, check the website to see if you can set limits to who has access to your family tree or research.

Digital technology shouldn’t remove our critical ability to question other people’s research, or to identify potential errors.
Modern technology creates new opportunities for research, but technology can’t dispense with basic research methodology.

Claire delivered a good overview of her subject, that was thoughtful and considered.

By, Fiona Fitzsimons