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Genealogy Day 2014

Genealogy Day 2014 is here at last !

Eneclann are delighted to be apart of such an exciting event, our very own experts Brian Donovan, and Fiona Fitzsimons will be giving a talk and on hand to give you some expert advice.

Thanks to Limerick City of Culture funding it will be bringing together all the available Church Registers and School Roll Books for various religious communities in Limerick and the surrounding areas. These will include Church of Ireland, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society and Roman Catholics. Genealogy Day will take place on Saturday the 15th of March for anyone and it’s free, from complete novice up to experienced genealogist, to review. This year will have a special emphasis on Limerick’s military history as it’s the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. joining them on the day will be representatives of the Royal Munster Fusiliers Association and Trinity College Dublin’s Letters 1916 project.Genealogy Day limerick 2014.jpg-large

For the novice genealogist or someone who just wants to find out more about their own family, they will will have volunteers on hand to assist you to find your family records and help you to commence building your own family tree. To make the search as rewarding as possible they would advise anyone, who is intending to come on the day, to have done a little family research beforehand. e.g. Find out all the names of your grandparents, any significant dates and where they were from. Obscure Christian Names are particularly useful in helping to confirm connections. they also intend to have internet access available in the Church on the day to allow people to commence initial searches on some of the very useful internet sites that are available on-line.

For the more experienced genealogist with particular connections in the Limerick area the opportunity to review these records in the one location should be very exciting. they expect to have available on the day:- Limerick Methodist Registers from 1842, Limerick Presbyterian Registers from 1829, Christ Church Limerick Minute Books, Adare/ Ballingrane registers, Limerick Church of Ireland registers, Limerick Baptist Church registers, map of Quaker burial ground and records, St. Michael’s National School Roll books, Villiers School roll books, & co. Also for viewing will be the Registers of Electorates and Rate Valuation Books from the Limerick City Archives which are currently not digitally available.

For more information on the event go to:Genealogy Day 2014. Facebook page

Christ Church is near Limerick Train & Bus Station on Parnell Street,

see you there 🙂