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As we head towards our national holiday, we think of what makes us Irish.

Central to that would be our love of storytelling. Family stories are a key component in the genealogist’s arsenal.  Alas, stories are a double edged sword for us genealogists trying to unravel fact from fiction. The Irish love of embellishment can really get in our way here. Take the following cautionary tale…. Recently discussing my great grandmother Eliza Morgan with a distant cousin, I was asked was there any truth in the family story that Eliza was the sister of the banker, JP Morgan? …. Answering their own question, the mischievous reply was that no, Eliza couldn’t be, as JP Morgan was known to be an only child!  There may be many other reasons why Eliza could not be sister to JP Morgan, but why let boring facts get in the way of a good story? So, as we go about celebrating our National Day, try separating your blarney from your facts!

By, Eneclann Researcher

Carmel Gilbride.


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