PODCAST: Heraldry, War Stories from the Genealogist’s case-book.

In 2015 Fiona Fitzsimons hosted the successful Summer Talks series at the National Library of Ireland. Now the talks are available as podcasts.

Bruce Durie


War Stories from the Genealogist’s case-book.

Records of registrations of coats of arms – and the associated pedigrees – may be the only evidence there is of a lineage. This can help break down genealogical brick walls. But heraldry is often dismissed as difficult, recondite and of no contemporary relevance. Nonsense! Heraldry is a living science and art, and paradoxically very easy to understand.

In this podcast Dr Bruce Durie explains how heraldry works – with examples of real-life genealogies solved with heraldic records (Scottish, English and Irish)

Listen to all the podcasts from our expert talks in the National Library of Ireland here 

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