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‘Goil, we Irish’s everywhere in dis cidy’, a historian’s account of uncovering the history of Irish emigrants in one of the last American cities you would expect: The Big Easy. This article charters their rise from penniless migrants searching for a better life to their current place as an integral part of the city’s rich social and cultural life. Along the way we also encounter colourful figures of Irish descent like the famed Spanish-Irish soldier Alejandro O’Reilly.

The Irish in New Orleans:

It was a historic day in many senses in Derry as the Sinn Féin mayor of Derry and speaker of the NI assembly joined together in the 98th anniversary commemorations of the battle of Messines.  Messines was one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War and casualties hit Derry particularly hard. This represents the first time Sinn Féin have joined in the commemorations to this degree.

98th Anniversary of Battle of Messines in Derry

Research conducted by the Heritage Council has determined that almost 90% of visitors to Ireland come here because of our heritage attractions. The research also shows a huge growth in the level of public engagement with Ireland’s heritage.

90% of overseas visitors “heritage based”:

Blind Composer celebrates the life of George Boole, father of the Digital Age, with new music.

Robert Creed, a visually impaired student in the National University Cork, has composed a piece of music to celebrate the life of George Boole, mathematician.
Boole isn’t well known outside of the mathematics firmament.
Yet, every time we flip a switch or use mobile phones or computers, we are using technology based on Boole’s research.
Boolean algebra is the foundation of practical digital circuit design, and the basis of the Digital Age.

You can read more, and listen to Creed’s music here.

“An American Irish Story” – growing up in the Bronx, New York:–growing-up-in-the-Bronx-New-York.html

Large WWI trench discovered by archaeologists in West Cork:

Irish soldier’s diary on end of First World War released:


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