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  • Will Ireland become the first country to pass a gay marriage amendment by referendum ?

  • The search for an ancestor brings two Irish American families together:

  • A Bleak History: New Dublin workhouse records allow you to find the voices of the voiceless

  • WONDERFUL RESOURCE: The Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guide passenger now has 16,000 lists online:

  • On the 8th of July, the National Library of Ireland will make 400,000 parish register microfilms available online:

These records… are considered the single most important source of information on Irish family history prior to the 1901 census.

  • Photos of US army tanks and shipwrecks off the coast of Ireland:

  • Prince Charles visits Ireland:

  • DNA evidence links polar bears to Irish brown bears:

This story dates back to 2011 but is so interesting we thought we would refresh your memory.

  • A group called “Genealogy” set to sing in Eurovision song contest 2015:


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