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  • Museum to tell story of the diaspora

  • Finding your family in Irish Parish Records

  • Quinnipiac and Irish Hunger Museum to host 1916 Rising events.

  • Eyewitness to the Easter Rising from a child’s point of view

  • 50,000 Famine Irish in US were deported back to Ireland

  • Win the ultimate Irish family history experience


  • A project in development in Cornell University, aims to compile all North American runaway slave advertisements.

‘Freedom on the Move’ aims to systematically collect the 100,000+ advertisements, into a searchable data-base.

The project will allow partner institutions to add their own archives.

It’s hoped that greater collaboration will open up engagement with the online community, to study this critical experience in U.S. history.

  • Rare source found in the RCB Library, records personal faith journeys in 19th Century Ireland.


  • The Forgotten History of Fat Men’s Clubs

  • Fossil find in the National Museum proves that humans first stepped on land in Ireland 10,500 B.C. (That’s 12,500 years ago!).

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