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  • Showcasing a rare collection of exceptionally fine needlework by working-class women in the last quarter of the 19th century; “ A Remedy or Rents” offers a rare opportunity to see needlework by non-elite Victorian women.

  • The NEHGS are honouring Black History Month.  They will give FREE access to five key databases when you register as a Guest User.  Join the NEHGS to discover fascinating African American lives in their archives.

  • How a Train Ticket from 1856 Solved My Family’s Greatest Mystery

  • New York Times article by Eve M. Kahn : New databases are enabling historians and descendants of slaves to piece together family trees and identify patterns in the lives of runaways.

New Databases Offer Insights Into the Lives of Escaped Slaves

  • What started as a quest to map the sophisticated acoustics of ancient churches could end up preserving and replicating forgotten noises from across the planet.” The article highlights,The Roaring Twenties, an interactive exploration of the historical soundscape of New York City.

Hearing the Lost Sounds of Antiquity



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