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Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society

The letters are held in a linen-lined leather trunk covered with official government stamps.  The letters dating from 1680 to 1706 were never delivered to the intended recipient: because the intended recipient changed address; died; or simply refused to pay for the post on delivery. Letters were sent by men and women as they travelled around Europe. Early research shows the letter writers were drawn from men and women that travelled around Europe for personal or professional reasons.
Writers include wandering musicians, singers and show-people, merchants and craftsmen and religious exiles.

Exposing the many layers of tenement life – The Boston Globe

New York’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum, an unrestored four-story tenement in what was once a teeming repository for new arrivals to the United States from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe, and Asia, is easily one of the most unusual of the city’s many fascinating museums.


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