Further Information

Researching historic property title.
Our research team are uniquely skilled, and combine academic training with more than 20 years archival experience.

Tracing beneficiaries in wills or intestacy cases.
Ireland is a nation in diaspora.  Since 1998 Eneclann researchers have successfully completed cases that originated in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada. Our research team has a high success rate in tracing extended family and have successfully traced beneficiaries across 5 generations.

Gathering documents to prove a claim.
Eneclann are specialists in Irish historic documents.  We will collect legal copies of all documents required to support your case or claim.  As part of our research service, we also provide due diligence to assess the merits of any case or claim when requested.

Expert witness testimony.
We can provide depositions for court-cases.  Eneclann researchers have also acted as expert witnesses in court.

Lectures, workshops and seminars for CPD.
On title and/or probate research for CPD and professional development.