Irish Lives Remembered

The Irish Family History of

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Part 3

Princess Charlene’s Irish ancestors were a kind of Irish ‘Rothschild’ family in the 1600s. They were vulnerable to every carpet-bagger and adventurer that arrived in Ireland in the slip-stream of conquest.  The wily Fagan’s navigated the rough-waters of the Tudor and Cromwellian conquest, and left their mark on the landscape of their native city of Dublin: Trinity College and the Phoenix Park.

In the 1690s their inheritance was appropriated by a corrupt royal official.  They re-settled near Killarney county Kerry, and started again, as merchants.

They operated out of the deep-sea port of Cork City, and traded with the West Indies, and colonial America.

By 1800 Princess Charlene’s branch of the family cut it’s ties with Ireland to settle in India, but they never forgot their Irish heritage.


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