Co. Tipperary

Map of Co. Tipperary



We’ve a wide range of publications covering Co. Tipperary.

The Co. Tipperary census reports can provide useful background to your research.  The years 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1911 are available for Tipperary (note these do not include names).

The 1831 Tithe Defaulters CD includes details of nearly 30,000 individual defaulters.  Could one of them have been your ancestor? Find out which areas of Tipperary are covered.

Directories are a useful source, particularly for those researching gentlemen, merchants or traders.  Shearman’s Directory of Waterford, Kilkenny & the southeast 1839 is one of the earliest local directories published in Ireland and covers Co. Tipperary.  Looking towards the end of the 19th century, Basset’s Directory of Limerick and Principal Towns in the Counties Clare, Tipperary and Kerry covers 1880-1881 and Guy’s Directory of Munster covers 1893.

Country-wide directories provide you with great insight into Clare in the early nineteenth century: you can order the Munster section of Pigot’s Commercial Directory of Ireland (1824) or the Munster, Cork & Limerick Sections of Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1846.  Other directories include Henry & Coughlan’s General Directory of Cork & Munster, 1867 and the Munster, Cork and Limerick sections of Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland 1870, Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland, 1881, Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland 1894.

The Agricultural Labourer: Ireland: Part 2 (1893) covers Cashel Poor Law Union  and Part 3 (also 1893) covers Roscrea. Both publications cover PLUs in other counties too – see CD descriptions for more information.  They include information on every aspect of labourer’s lives from their wages, diet and accommodation through to their condition, age and size of families, making it a fascinating source.

Two Tipperary titles from the turn of the twentieth century are James White’s, My Clonmel Scrapbook (1907) a work that includes 79 short stories, poems, anecdotes and other works detailing people, places and events associated with Clonmel and Tipperary’s Annual (1910) which packed with stories, photographs, anecdotes, local history and local advertisements.

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