Our 4 Step Process to discovering your familys History

1. Purchase a Standard Search package (€750)


The first step is to purchase a standard search package.

The standard research package includes 10 hours work by a consulting genealogist, and a full report outlining all research, analysis and evidence.

Once you have purchased a Standard Search package, we will review all the information you have about your family and draw up a search plan in consultation with you.  Then we will conduct this search plan, and deliver a written report analysing the results, as well as copies of all documents found, in an attractive folder.

If, for any reason, you do not have enough information to allow us to conduct research, or we believe the likelihood of success is weak,  we will refund your payment accordingly.  But rest assured, we will work to your priorities and instructions at all times.

You can also Purchase an Assessment Which will take between 4-8 weeks, for €150

An Assessment package includes the research expert noting the registration of the birth of Joe Bloggs in Dublin North in the year 1913.
If you wish to commission us, we will visit the GRO and purchase this for you.

Our report on this, if work is commissioned will be a full transcription of the birth cert,
giving the names of the parents of Joe Bloggs, his exact date of birth, address for the family
Dad’s occupation, mothers maiden name.

The assessment process is designed to give us a sense of whether or not there is anything we can do for you, and if so, what.

Payments may be made via MasterCard or Visa.  If you would like to pay another way or would like more information before purchasing a standard search package, please contact genealogy@localhost to discuss.

Note: If you have a longer research project, this should be negotiated directly with our research department, who can be contacted on genealogy@localhost

2. Fill out the profile form.


The next step in commissioning Irish Family History Research is tocomplete a family profile detailing as much relevant information as you currently know about your Irish family.

3. Your research expert will be in touch.

Once we have received your payment, you will be assigned a consulting genealogist who will work on your Irish family history research for you. Your research expert will talk to you about your family history with a view to compiling a profile of your ancestors in Ireland. This process can take place online, by phone or by letter, depending on your preference.  We have produced some guidance notes to help you complete your family profile.

4. Receive Research Report.

Your consulting genealogist will then begin work on your family history following your discussion, If any questions or difficulties arise as they conduct the research, they will contact you to discuss them.

If you require the research to be completed by a specific date, please order your standard search well in advance, 12 weeks is a good guideline, however we simply have no idea at the outset what we will find so it is impossible for us to predict how long exactly it will take to conduct your research but we assure you we will go to the greatest lengths to get a result and that’s what makes us good!

We will inform you if we think further research is possible; likewise, if you do not have enough information to allow us to conduct research, or we believe the likelihood of success is weak, we will refund your payment accordingly.

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