Unique Gifts

An Irish Family History – €350
Arrange for us to trace someone’s Irish family history for them.  Simply contact us at genealogy@localhost explaining that you would like to organise a family history as a gift. We will discuss requirements with you, and email you a gift certificate to send to the recipient.

The recipient will complete an assessment form relating to their family, which will form the basis of our research strategy, and subsequent research.  Most family histories are completed within a 6-8 week timeframe, so the recipient can look forward to receiving their report in the New Year.

Find out more about Irish family history gift certificates.

An Irish House History – €750
A House History makes a unique gift. We can trace the history of any house in Ireland for you.  Simply contact us at house.histories@localhost informing us that you would like to organise a house history as a gift and we can arrange a gift certificate for you.

In order to start the research, we will need:
1. A legible copy of the house deeds (please do not send us any originals)
2. Any stories or information you already know about the house
3. Ideally photos of the front and rear elevations, the roof, chimney stacks and any unusual features
We can liaise with you or the gift recipient as you gather this information. Once we have received it, we will discuss your requirements in more detail.

After creating a research plan, we can give you a cost for the total research, though as an indication, an average Irish House History costs €750 to complete.  Most Irish house histories can be completed within a 10 week timeframe, giving the recipient something to look forward to during those gloomy first months of 2012!

A Printed Map
A picture speaks a thousand words, so they say, and we think a printed map makes a great Christmas gift. Irish Townlands Maps Online is the most comprehensive archive of first edition (from 1837) Irish Ordinance Survey maps available online. The information from first edition maps crucially corresponds closely to the information published in Griffiths Valuation.

You can choose a pre-defined map from those listed on Irish Townlands Maps Online and add your own inscription to it. The map will arrive ready to frame. Find out more about ordering a map as a Christmas gift. (Please note that this service is provided via an Eneclann partner).