Genealogy and history CD collections

The Topographical Collection Special Edition – €49.90 inc. VAT

This new CD contains the following 5 titles:

  • Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (3 Vols. 1837)
  • Taylor & Skinner’s Road Maps of Ireland (2nd Ed. 1783)
  • The Post Chaise Companion 1786
  • The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1846
  • Handran’s Townlands in Poor Law Unions
Bought individually, these CDs would total €159 – a saving to you of nearly €110! View the Topographical Collection CD pack.


The War of Independence Collection Special Edition – €39.90 inc. VAT

Our new War of Independence CD bundle contains the following 7 titles:

  • The Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook (Irish Times 1917)
  • The Administration of Ireland 1920
  • The American Commission on Conditions in Ireland, Interim and Full Reports
  • Report of the Labour Commission to Ireland, 1921
  • The Case for Ireland Re-Stated
  • Dail Eireann: Minutes of the Proceedings of the First Parliament 1919-1921
The regular price of all these seven titles is €90 – meaning that you save over 50% when you buy them together! Read more about the new War of Independence Special Collection CD.


Irish Genealogy Starter Pack – €40.39 inc. VAT
Perfect for those just setting out on their Irish research, this starter pack has been put together by Fiona Fitzsimons, Director of Research at Eneclann. The pack contains 3 CD-roms:

  • Grenham’s Irish Surnames
  • Counties in Time
  • S. Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

Normally these three publications would cost almost €80 but we are offering this package to Eneclann customers for €40.39. Find out more about the Irish Genealogy Starter Pack.