National Flood Hazard Mapping Project

In 2003 the Office of Public Works initiated a National Flood Project to identify areas of particular risk.  To this end, the OPW commissioned Eneclann to research historic flood events in Ireland in the previous 130 years.

The aim of the OPW’s Flooding project was to identify, analyse and map the areas of land in the Republic of Ireland at risk from flooding.  This we did in the most comprehensive way possible: we collected information on floods that occurred in specific regions within each county, using a range of national and regional newspapers held in the National Library of Ireland.

Eneclann’s research focused on flooding caused by climate (such as high precipitation, storms and spring flooding) rather than floods caused by environmental factors such as burst pipes or blocked drains.  One of the main aims of the project was to create an archive of flood information for the years 1883-2003, which was subsequently used to create the OPW’s Flood Hazard Mapping website, which can now be viewed in a searchable map format.

In the course of the project the scale of the work increased by more than one third (34%) of what had been initially envisaged.  Eneclann completed all additional work with no increase in costs, and within the original timeframe contracted for.