FREE summer talks in the NLI : Week 5

The Summer Talks at lunchtime will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in August & September from 1-2pm,

WEEK 5 will explore the military origins of the Irish diaspora.The Irish diaspora had its’ roots in the conquest of Ireland and in military service overseas. Our speakers are David Edwards NUI Cork, and Padraig Lenihan NUI Galway.

David Edwards (NUI Cork)

Tuesday 1st September

David edwards

The Tudor Conquest of Ireland: Untold stories

This talk will explore the numerous ‘little wars’ that pockmarked the years from 1547-1603 in Ireland. Highlighting the role of martial law in the conduct of English military policy, it will reveal how government intervention tended to exacerbate existing political tensions as much as it settled them, with often bloody consequences. It will also draw attention to the composition of crown forces.

Venue: National Library of Ireland


David Edwards is Senior Lecturer in History at University College Cork, and a Director of the Irish Manuscripts Commission. He has published widely on the history of early modern Ireland, on its wars and settlements, its regions and rulers. He is currently completing a book on the colonial world of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork.


Brian Donovan

Thursday September 3rd

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Irish Soldiers & Rebels: tracing WW1 and Irish revolutionary ancestors”

The years 1912-23 saw the deaths of over 75,000 from Ireland in armed conflict, from the fields of France to the streets of Dublin. Irish men and women took arms to fight for Irish freedom, to defend the Empire and to liberate Belgium. They joined the UVF, the ICA, the Volunteers, the IRB, the IRA and other radical organisation. Possibly half a million Irish born joined the British, American, Canadian and Australian armies. This lecture will untangle the complexities of the surviving records and what you are likely to find.

Venue:National Library of Ireland


Brian is the Head of Irish Data and Business Development at findmypast, as well as being a director of Eneclann, He previously lectured in history at Trinity College Dublin in the 1990s and since then has lectured throughout Ireland and the US on history, genealogy and digitisation. Brian’s experience in digital technology, as well as his background in history, helped motivate the founding of the well-known Irish genealogy company Eneclann in 1998. He played a key role in establishing the Irish collection at findmypast, and continues to oversee all aspects of the development of their Irish record collection.

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