Fiona Fitzsimons at TCD-UCD Innovation Academy



Fiona Fitzsimons, Research Director at Eneclann, was a guest speaker at the TCD-UCD Innovation Academy on Thursday 26 April 2012.

In a paper entitled ‘Protecting your Intellectual Property’, Fiona presented a business case study of Eneclann.

In her presentation Fiona introduced core issues and actions associated with quality, early identification and protection of intellectual property.

Key issues addressed were:

  • A description of an individual’s legal rights concerning novelty and intellectual property both with reference to their own specific research and in relation to their wider interests.
  • An explanation of ownership and commercialisation issues arising out of intellectual property along with associated costs of protection, sources of funding and obligations to stakeholders.
  • A clear articulation of what rights of use they themselves have for intellectual property legally owned by others.

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