Expert Workshop: November

Our guest speaker for continuous professional development in November will be given by

 Eve Parnell of NIVAL,


This is going to be a real treat. The collections in NIVAL are not well known about and are underused.
They constitute an absolute treasury of information about the design studios, workshops and ateliers of small (usually family) businesses, working in the decorative arts in 19th/ early 20th C. Ireland.
These companies were responsible for the plaster-work/ wood & stone carvings/ panelling/ door and window architraves/ public sculpture/ frescoes, painting and stained glass windows in churches and other public buildings.

Image from NIVAL Exhibition
Included in the collections are wage and staff books, order-books.

correspondence, and designs/ drawings and some digital images of the completed works in situ.
Studios whose records are in NIVAL include Pearse & Sons Monumental sculpture (operated by the family of Padraig Pearse) ; and Harry Clarke’s stained-glass window workshop.


coloured design for stained glass within the panel tracery of a pointed arch window IENIVAL EC118

Some of NIVAL’s collections include the College Registers for the Dublin Metropolitan Art School 1877 to 1936; and the registers for the National College of Art & Design 1837 to 1986.

And there is a complete collection of the Cuala Press Broadsides magazine, published monthly by the Yeats sisters to 1946 (after 1940 by assistants).
Broadsides had the distinction of receiving regular contributions of drawings by Jack B. Yeats.

The workshop is scheduled for the afternoon of

Tuesday 24th November.

Because of space we were limited to a maximum of 20 people in this workshop. As a result it is now all booked up but if you would like to go onto the waiting list please let us know at


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