Expert Workshop for CPD. April 2016

Our Expert speaker for April is Dr. Patrick Roycroft

Paddy Roycroft

Irish Mines and Quarries: Natives, Immigrants and Emigrants.

Date: Saturday April 16th,

Time:2pm – 3.30pm,

Venue: The Seminar Room, NLI, Kildare St.


The influence and impact of mining and quarrying on local Irish communities is not well known. However, a small group of geologists-turned-historians are making headway in this field and, in the process, are also gathering much genealogically relevant data. This talk will first summarise aspects of the human and social aspects of mining in Ireland by taking specific case-studies from Waterford, West Cork/Kerry, Wicklow/Dublin, Kilkenny, and then look at granite quarrying from Wicklow/Dublin and Carlow. The focus will be on who was organising the mines, who was working in them, the conditions that miners and their families lived under, and the impact of mining on local communities during times of boom and bust, including who came in to work in the mines and who (generally) had to emigrate to England, the USA and Australia. While concentrating on the period between the 18th and early 20th Centuries, there will be a brief discussion of pre-18th century mining. In addition, there are certain aspects of the wider Irish landscape, as we see it today, that can only be understood in relation to past mining activity.


Dr Patrick Roycroft holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Geology from Trinity and completed his PhD at University College Dublin. He was awarded two EU Marie Curie Scholarships which included Post-Doctorates from Marseilles and University College Dublin, and is currently an editor for the journal Elements. Paddy is the author of

648 Billion Sunrises – A Geological Miscellany of Ireland

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