Expert Workshop: December

Our guest speaker for continuous professional development in December will be given by Findmypast’s

Abigail Rieley

Saturday 5th December,

Abigale FMP

Abigail’s talk is entitled.

Move over Sherlock – How to Unmask a Murderer (or any other criminal)

Criminal records provide some of the richest genealogical records available – outside personal family documents. While some people might see a criminal ancestor as a skeleton in the closet for the genealogist they can be like hitting the mother load. Apart from the fact that, in Ireland, the Petty Sessions records provide some of the most comprehensive records for the country in the 19th century, criminal records in a wider context can unlock extraordinary detail about a subject’s life, from family relationships and home situation to physical description and even personality traits. Using examples from both Irish and British records former court reporter and court record specialist Abigail Rieley will examine the structure of the 19th century legal system to demonstrate the range of records available and using examples of real cases, show how much information can be gleaned from legal sources alone.

Venue:National Library of Ireland (Seminar Room)

Time: 2pm

Abigail Rieley was a journalist for over 20 years and has been involved in genealogy all her adult life. She has covered modern day trials for the local and national print and broadcast media and written two books on cases she covered. She worked in genealogy before becoming a journalist and has specialised in 19th century criminal cases for the past five years. She now works in Findmypast where she is their legal history expert.

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