Eneclann’s research into Bram Stoker to be aired on BBC Radio

Bram Stoker wrote that the most significant influence on his writing were the childhood stories his mother told him of her own family history along with tales of Irish folklore.

No-one has ever thought to investigate what these might have been, but now new research by Eneclann has uncovered Bram Stoker’s own extraordinary family history.

Drawing on the evidence of an ancient manuscript, historical documents, and an archaeological treasure, Eneclann researchers have pieced together the real life “Da Vinci code” that Stoker drew on for his most famous work.

In a new BBC Radio 4 documentary Fiona Fitzsimons of Eneclann meets with Patrick McCabe to discuss how Stoker imagined Dracula as more Irish than Transylvanian.

To hear the full story, tune into BBC Radio 4, at 4pm on Monday 8th October.

Patrick McCabe is one of Ireland’s foremost contemporary writers. His novels have earned him two Booker nominations, for The Butcher Boy (1992) and Breakfast on Pluto, in 1998, and an Irish Times/Aer Lingus prize for fiction. Far more importantly, he has managed to transform the microcosm of the small town …into an arena for burlesque humour and biting satire. In the process, he has single-handedly coined his own genre, the affectionately termed “Bog Gothic”. [The Guardian, 2003]


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