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Eneclann Newsletter

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Last Order Dates to Christmas

With customers everywhere from America to New Zealand, we want to make sure you get any Christmas orders on time.  Take a look at our last order dates for Christmas so you know how much time you’ve got left to decide which publications to get.


Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas GiftWith the holiday season just round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what presents you’re going to buy for those near and dear to you. Why not take a look at our unique Irish genealogy starter packs ideal for those who have an interest in researching their family history.

Or choose from a selection of  Publications, Historic Maps.

Have a look at our Christmas Gift Guide for some suggestions. 


Research Q&A

Fiona FitzsimonsThis newsletter Fiona Fitzsimons, Research Director at Eneclann answers Brian Hepenstall’s question :

I am a New Zealander living in New Zealand.  My grandfather on my father’s side was born in Ireland…

The question I want to put to you is this; My family name is Hepenstall.  That name would appear to have originated in England in the Yorkshire area.  In Ireland, the name was largely contained around Co. Wicklow, Wexford and Dublin.  I have been told that the name was spelt Hepenstall/Hepenstal if it was a Protestant family and Hempenstall if the family was Catholic.  What I am interested in knowing is when, or what would have been the likely reason for the migration of the name from England.

Find out the answer to Brian’s question

If you’ve got a question you’d like to ask Fiona, post it on our Facebook page or send it to us at genealogy@localhost

All sources with the exception of MacLysaght’s Surnames of Ireland, are published on Findmypast.ie and Irishorigins.com



Featured Project: The Belvedere Book

Each newsletter we showcase some of the work our team has been involved in.

This edition, we take a look at the Belvedere Book project, commissioned by the Belvedere College Board.  The Board asked Eneclann to help them manage a project to create a manuscript book that would record all those Jesuits connected with the College from its inception in the 1840s, down to the present day.   Find out more about the Belvedere Book.


County Focus: Wicklow

Co. WicklowThis month our focus is on Co. Wicklow, which is located to the east of Ireland, in the Province of Leinster.

Take a look at our Co. Wicklow page for information on all our publications relating to this county.



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The Eneclann Team

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