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The Stories behind Christmas traditions

IrelandsDNA seek participants for a new study

Invest in the Eneclann EII

Last CD Ordering Dates for Christmas and our Christmas Gift Guide

Topic Focus: judges, law and the Courts

Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives

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The stories behind Irish Christmas traditions

Historically, the Irish have maintained some unusual Christmas traditions.  In time for Christmas, the Eneclann research team have compiled a brief history and background of a couple of these very Irish events.  While writing these pieces for the newsletter though, we were struck by how different each place and each family’s Christmas traditions are.  What are your, specifically Irish, family Christmas traditions?  Let us know on our Facebook wall and the best one will win €40 worth of our digital downloads.  To get the ball rolling, Eneclann’s Jennifer Doyle asked her gran about an Irish Christmas in Wexford and Wicklow in the 1930s and 1940s.


IrelandsDNA seek participants for a new Study

IrelandsDNA, in collaboration with Eneclann, are seeking male carriers of the MacPARLAND (MacParthaláin) surname for a new study.  Other variant spellings of the name include MacParlan, MacPartland, and MacPartlin.  Further variants of this name include MacFarland and MacFarlane, although the latter commonly indicates a similarly named family of Scottish origin.  In rare instances, this name has been changed almost beyond recognition to ‘Bartley’.  In a piece for the newsletter, Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri, Biomedical Research Lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and founder of IrelandsDNA, explains how DNA is of use to genealogists and describes IrelandsDNA’s work.  Dr Cavalleri’s research at the RCSI is in population genetics, understanding how the nature of genetic variation in the Irish population and how this variation has been shaped by historical events.


Invest in the Eneclann EII

If you are an Irish taxpayer then you can invest in the Eneclann Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EII). Investing in an EII is one way to reduce your tax liability and the closing date for applications is the 31st December 2012. Read more about the Eneclann Employment and Investment Scheme (EII)  or contact Brian Donovan, Eneclann’s CEO, at brian.donovan@localhost


Last CD ordering dates for Christmas and our Christmas Gift Guide

If you live in Ireland or the U.K. this is your last weekend to buy CDs from the Eneclann online shop for them to arrive in time for Christmas.  The last order day for orders to Britain is Sunday 16th December, while it’s Tuesday 18th December for deliveries to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

If you’re still stuck for inspiration for the historian or genealogist in your life, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide including gift certificates, special CD collections and our top ten sellers for 2012!


Topic Focus: Judges, Law and the Courts

One of our bigger stories of 2012 has been Bram Stoker’s ancestry, where we found inspiration for Stoker’s most famous literary creation in his family history.  Less well known is his earlier book, The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland, which is an insight to the functioning of the Petty Sessions or RM courts throughout Ireland. It is a valuable addition to our knowledge of how the court system worked, and the men and women who worked within it.   You might want to head over to findmypast Ireland, too, since they have published online over 7.8 million individual records from the Petty Sessions Courts 1828-1912 and 2.7 million records from the Irish Prison Registers.

The Forty-first Report of the Inspector-General of the General State of the Prisons of Ireland 1862 is an exceptionally detailed study on the committals carried out in 1862. A total of 26,024 people were imprisoned during the course of the year, but the report is as much about the prisons themselves as the prisoners.  Meanwhile, Tables showing the number of Persons Committed or Held to Bail for Trial at the Assizes and Sessions in Each County in the year 1852, and the results of the proceedings, 1853 provides detailed analysis of those convicted and the crimes committed during 1852.

If there is an RIC man in your family, then you’ll be very pleased to know that we have published the RIC List and Directory for 1889, 1910, 1915 and 1920.  These contain lists of all of the officers and men of the Royal Irish Constabulary, Coast Guard Service and Dublin Metropolitan Police from the Rank of Inspector General to Sergeant, promotions, deployments and commendations as well as list of resident magistrates, judges, etc.  Together with the RIC Manual 1909 and Curtis’s The History of the RIC these titles form The RIC Collection (Special DVD), which contains all of our RIC titles at a special price.  And if you’re still looking for more, then check out the slides for Jim Herlihy’s talk on the records of the RIC and DMP that was given as part of the 20×20 talks at the National Library of Ireland.

Finally, the record of the Grand Jury Presentments for Co. Kilkenny 1832  covers the financial dealings of individuals with the Grand Jury for the periods spanning spring 1825 until summer 1832 and as such are a set of early accounts for the forerunner of Kilkenny county council.  We also have the Waterford City Grand Jury Presentments, Spring 1846.

These are only some of our titles relating to Judges, Law and the Courts, but we also have a huge range of titles covering other topics.


Genealogy Advisory Service at the National Archives

 Once you’ve tired of the (left-over) turkey, trimmings and tinsel, you might like to visit the National Archives to avail of the genealogy advisory service.  Traditionally this is a particularly quiet time of year, and you can make the most of this opportunity to consult with the panel of expert genealogists. If you have a particularly difficult family history conundrum, this could be your chance to get the undivided attention of a genealogist, to help you scale that ‘brick wall’.

The genealogy service is available in the NAI reading room on these dates, from 10am to 1.30pm: Monday 17th December, Tuesday 18th December, Wednesday 19th December, Thursday 20th December, Friday 21st December, Thursday 27th December, Friday 28th December, Monday 31st December, Wednesday 2nd January, Thursday 3rd January, Friday 4th January.



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The Eneclann Team

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