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New digital downloads

Questions and Answers

Back to Our Past Competition Winners

Topic Focus- Church Records and Directories

Genealogy Advisory Service

Dear Eneclann customer,

New digital downloads

Continuing with our conversion of many of our CD titles to a new digital download format (thus saving you money!) we have twenty new Irish titles released as downloads this newsletter:

Statistical Survey of Meath, 1802

Statistical Survey of Cavan, 1802

Statistical Survey of Mayo, 1802

Statistical Survey of King’s County, 1801

Down and its Parish Church

The Register of Derry Cathedral 1642-1703

Enniskillen Long Ago

Kilkenny Grand Jury Presentments, 1832

Hanna’s The Scotch-Irish

The Crofton Memoirs

Pococke’s Tour in Ireland in 1752

Dalton’s Irish Army Lists, 1661-1685

Ward & Lock’s Pictorial Guide to Connemara

F. Elrington Ball, The Judges in Ireland 1221-1921

W. Wilson, The Post-Chaise Companion

The Annals of Derry

John Mitchel, Jail Journal

Tempest’s Jubilee Annual, 1909

The King’s County Directory, 1890

A Little Tour in Ireland, 1892

Read more about our newest downloadable titles or visit our online shop.


Questions and Answers

This newsletter Fiona tries a slightly different research Q&A.  Many of the questions

she has received so far have been about using the Registry of Deeds, so in this installment she explains how to extract the relevant information from deeds.

Do let us know whether you’ve found this new approach to answering your questions useful, or send us your question, either by posting on our Facebook wall or by emailing us at marketing@localhost


Back to Our Past Competition Winners

We hope some of you were able to make it to this year’s Back To Our Past show and a big welcome to our new subscribers from that show!  Whether you were there or not, you can still take a look at a few of our photos online.

Congratulations go also to our three competition winners from the Back To Our Past show: Patsy Smullen, Olivia Connolly and Liz Whelan.  They each won €100 worth of Eneclann CDs of their choice from our online store.


Topic Focus-Church Records and Directories

We have Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Huguenot and Quaker church records and directories available.

If you have ancestors who were Roman Catholic priests then A Complete Catholic Directory, Almanack and Registry volume one (1836) and volume two (1837)  are must haves!  They contain a registry of all Church officials, and the hierarchy throughout the world, as well as an Ecclesiastical Register of Ireland with priests and curates.  These publications are especially important for genealogical researchers trying to determine what parish registers may survive.

If your ancestors were Church of Ireland and living in Dublin city, then take a look at the Parish Registers which cover baptisms, marriages and burials for various dates between 1619 and 1800.  Outside of Dublin we have published the Index to the Marriage Licence Bonds of the Diocese of Cloyne 1630-1800, 1899-1900.  This lists over 9,000 marriage licence bonds and is based on the index that existed at the Public Records Office in Dublin prior to its destruction in 1922. As a consequence it has added value in being the only surviving index to these records.  The Register of Derry Cathedral 1642-1703 runs to almost 450 pages and lists over 12,000 baptisms, marriages and burials for the entire parish of Templemore (including Derry city).

If you want to find out more about Presbyterian history then we have James Seaton Reid’s appropriately named The History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  This is one of the standard works on Presbyterianism in Ireland and would appeal to anyone interested in the subject of the Church, but also the general civil and military history of Ireland.  For Quaker history we have the excellent A History of the Rise and Progress of a People called Quakers in Ireland, but also the Annual Monitor or Obituary of Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland for the Year 1848 which presents a complete list of members of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who died in 1848 with a few of the deceased who died at the very end of 1847.

Finally, we have a number of Huguenot related titles.  Names are provided in Letters of Denization and Naturalisation for Aliens in Ireland and England, a title that includes large numbers of Huguenot refugees in England and Ireland. Numbered amongst the denizens were foreign soldiers and officers in the employ of William of Orange before and after he acceded to the throne.  Registers of the French Church of Portarlington 1694-1816 and Registers of the French Non-conformist Churches Dublin 1701-1831 contain baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials.  We similarly have two histories of the Huguenots: The Huguenots their Settlements, Churches, and Industries, in England and Ireland and The History of the Huguenot Settlers in Ireland.

Take a look at our full range of Church Records and Directories or see what other interesting topics we have covered.


Genealogy Advisory Service

This Winter 2012/13, the National Archives of Ireland continue their free genealogy advisory service

From 10am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday, some of the foremost experts on genealogy in Ireland are on-call in the National Archives to answer your family history queries.

The genealogy service marks the successful collaboration of Eneclann and Ancestor Network, in partnership with the NAI, who bring together the talent and skill of some of Ireland best known genealogists. 

No booking is required, but access to the genealogist on-duty is on a first come, first served basis.



Best wishes,
The Eneclann Team

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