Library Subscriptions Programme

At a time when budgets are constrained, libraries may be interested to learn more about Eneclann’s Library Subscriptions Programme, specifically tailored to libraries and archives.

Eneclann’s catalogue is continuously being expanded and updated and currently includes hundreds of titles of Irish interest. Our titles are a valuable addition to the Irish and special studies collection of any library. Eneclann has two publishing imprints, Eneclann and Archive CD Books.

The Eneclann catalogue focuses on primary source material for Irish history and genealogy, while the Archive CD Books catalogue consists mainly of digitised versions of rare out of copyright books of Irish interest, which are sourced from libraries, including the Library at Trinity College Dublin, as well as private collections.

About The Library Subscriptions Programme
Organisations registered with us are eligible to receive a 20% discount on all CD purchases, while a discount of 50% is available to libraries that commit to purchasing all of our publications. If you would like to register your library or archive with us, please contact us for further information.

Eneclann CDs are available for sale with a network licence to Libraries and other institutions. For those who wish to purchase a large or substantial part of the collection there is an option to purchase a hard-drive rather than individual CDs.

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