Ancestral Connections: Names, Places and Spaces

Irish Genealogy Summer School, University College Cork, June 28- July 5, 2015


Ancestral Connections, is the brain-child of the redoubtable Lorna Moloney.
As anyone who has ever met Lorna will agree, she has enough positive energy to power the national grid!

Now in it’s 4th year, Ancestral Connections has bedded down into the international genealogy calendar.

It’s a ‘must-attend’ for anyone who wants to develop their skills in Irish family history.
A case in point: this year, Jan Gow, widely known and esteemed among her peers, led a group of delegates from New Zealand and Australia.

In point of fact, delegates were drawn from far-flung corners of the world, including Ireland and the Carolinas!

We’re sending a BIG Eneclann shout-out to Lorna Moloney for what she’s achieved with Ancestral Connections!

Lady, take a bow!

lorna M

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