Albert Nobbs in Irish cinemas 27 April

In Winter 2010 -11, Eneclann provided historical consultancy for the Oscar nominated film, Albert Nobbs, starring Glenn Close. Our brief was to establish a historical context for the film, set in Dublin in 1898. Working directly with director Rodrigo Garcia and producer Julie Lynn, we provided detailed commentary on a wide range of topics, to ensure that the depiction of fin de siècle Dublin society was as accurate as possible.

A dedicated Eneclann team of Fiona Fitzsimons and Helen Moss researched a myriad of topics, from contemporary manners and speech idioms; foods, wines and consumables found in a luxury hotel; street-vendors and tradesmen; Street and interior lighting, the Dublin sewage system and the spread of contagious diseases. We also drew on the encyclopaedic knowledge of the late Dr. Stephen Sensbach for music, fashionable songs, dances and orchestras.

“It has been incredibly important to us to authentically capture the world of 1898 Dublin in our visual, spoken, and societal portrayals.  Without Fiona, I’m quite sure we would have missed the mark many times.  While we do, of course, take ‘movie license’ on several points, we are quite certain that she has guided us sure-handedly.

Fiona was invaluable to us in the preparation and filming of ‘Albert Nobbs.’  Her research skills are impeccable, the depth of her knowledge extraordinary, her responses always timely and focused.”

Julie Lynn of Mockingbird Pictures, executive producer on Albert Nobbs.

Albert Nobbs is being released in Irish cinemas tomorrow, Friday 27th April 2012. Find out more at the Albert Nobbs official website.

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