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List of individuals with files in Sinn Fein and Republican Suspects 1899-1921

List of individuals with files

Ashe, Allen M J (CO904/193/1)
Ashe, Thomas (CO904/193/2)

Bannim, Michael (CO904/193/3)
Bannon, Thomas (CO904/193/4)
Boyd-Barrett, Dr. J H P (CO904/193/5)
Barry, Edward (& Carroll, James) (CO904/93/6)
Barry, Eileen (& Noonan, Mary) (CO904/193/7)
Barton, Robert (CO904/193/8)
Batchelor, Captain W Kearns (CO904/193/9)
Bell, Alan, RM (CO904/193/10)
Bell, Hamilton P (CO904/193/11)
Belton, Patrick (CO904/193/11a)
Berber, Adolf (CO904/193/12)
Blake, Colonel John Y F (CO904/193/14)
Blythe, Ernest (CO904/193/14a)
Beston, John & Boland Patrick (CO904/193/15)
Bourke, D D (CO904/193/16)
Bourke, Thomas (CO904/193/17)
Boyle, Cornelius Patrick (CO904/193/18)
Boyle, Maxwell J (CO904/193/19)
Bracken, Peter (& Wrafter, Joseph) (CO904/193/20)
Brady, Bernard (CO904/193/21)
Brannigan, Thomas J (CO904/193/22)
Braniff, John (CO904/193/23)
Brennan, Maurice (CO904/194/24)
Brennan, Patrick (CO904/194/25)
Brett, John (CO904/194/26)
Brophy, John (& Barry, Peter) (CO904/194/27)
Buckland, Horatio (CO904/194/28)
Buckley, John, Buckley, Julia & Buckley, John Jr (CO904/194/29)
Burke, John (CO904/194/30)
Burke, Michael (CO904/194/31)
Burke, Patrick F (CO904/194/32)
Butler, Thomas (CO904/194/33)
Byrne, Christy M (CO904/194/34)
Byrne, R (CO904/194/36)
Byrnes, Mrs M M (CO904/194/38)

Callaghan, Thomas (CO904/194/39)
Campbell, Malcolm (CO904/194/40)
Carden, Sir John C (CO904/194/41)
Carey, County Inspector RIC (CO904/194/42)
Carr, Frederick Dargaville (CO904/194/43)
Carroll, Martin (CO904/194/44)
Carroll, Sergeant P J (CO904/194/45)
Casement, Roger (CO904/194/46)
Casement, Roger (CO904/195)
Casey, John W (CO904/196/47)
Casey, Michael (CO904/196/48)
Chapman, John J (CO904/196/49)
Chowdhury, Kahan Singh (CO904/196/50)
Christian, Miss Annie (CO904/196/51)
Clancy, John J (CO904/196/52)
Clarke, Michael (CO904/196/53)
Clarke, Samuel (CO904/196/54)
Clarke, Timothy (CO904/196/55)
Clarke, William (CO904/196/56)
Cleary, Thomas V (CO904/196/57)
Coffey, James (CO904/196/58)
Cole, W L (CO904/196/59)
Coleman, Frederick John (CO904/196/60)
Collins, Charles (CO904/196/61)
Collins, Cornelius (CO904/196/62)
Collins, James (CO904/196/63)
Collins, John (CO904/193/64)
Collins, Michael, (CO904/196/65)
Conboy, Daniel (CO904/197/67)
Connell, John (CO904/197/68)
Connolly, James (CO904/197/69)
Connolly, Martin (CO904/197/70)
Connolly, Richard (CO904/197/71)
Connor, Miss Margaret (CO904/197/72)
Constable, Lance Corporal Cyril (CO904/197/73)
Cooper, Mrs (CO904/197/74)
Corcoran, P (CO904/197/75)
Cosgrove, Mrs Elizabeth (CO904/197/76)
Coskerry, Joseph (CO904/197/77)
Costello, Thomas (CO904/197/78)
Cotter, Thomas (CO904/197/79)
Cox, E J (CO904/197/80)
Cox, R E (CO904/197/81)
Creedon, Miss Hannah M (CO904/197/82)
Creighton, Martin (CO904/197/83)
Crean, Jeremiah (CO904/197/84)
Crofts, Gerard B (CO904/197/85)
Crotty, Michael (CO904/197/86)
Culhane, Maurice (CO904/197/87)
Culligan, Rev C (CO904/197/88)
Cunningham, Charles Gallagher (CO904/198/89)
Curran, Constantine P (CO904/198/90)
Cuthbertson, R J (CO904/198/91)

Dalton, James (CO904/198/92)
Daly, John (CO904/198/93)
Daly, Mrs Julia C (CO904/198/94)
Daly, Timothy J (CO904/198/95)
Daly, Patrick (CO904/198/96)
D'Arcy, Captain James (CO904/198/97)
Davitt, David (CO904/198/98)
De Lacey, Laurence (CO904/198/99)
De Lacey, Michael (CO904/198/100)
Delahunty, Rev Fr (CO904/198/101)
Delaney, Miss Dorothy (CO904/198/102)
Dennehy, William & Thomas (CO904/198/103)
Dennis, Walter (CO904/198/104)
De Valera, Eamon (CO904/198/105)
De Valera, Eamon (CO904/199)
Devlin, James (CO904/200/106)
Devine, Thomas (CO904/200/107)
Diffley, Thomas (CO904/200/108)
Digby, Major Everard (CO904/200/109)
Dillon, E (CO904/200/110)
Dillon, William (CO904/200/111)
Dobbyn, James (CO904/200/112)
Dold, Peter (CO904/200/113)
Donoghue, Charles (CO904/200/114)
Dooley, James G (CO904/200/115)
Dooris, Francis (CO904/200/116)
Dooris, Francis James (CO904/200/117)
Doran, John (CO904/200/118)
Doris, Patrick Joseph (CO904/200/119)
Downing, Daniel (CO904/200/120)
Downing, Miss Kathleen (CO904/200/121)
Doyle, Thomas & Mary (CO904/200/122)
Duffy, Edward J (CO904/200/123)
Duffy, John (CO904/200/124)
Duffy, Leo (CO904/200/125)
Duggan, Edmund J (CO904/200/126)
Dwan, Michael (CO904/200/127)
Dyer, Patrick (CO904/200/128)

Ehlers, Gosh Lay (CO904/200/129)
Ellison, John (CO904/200/130)
Etchingham, John R (CO904/200/131)
Evans, Miss (& Lavelle, Miss) (CO904/200/132)

Fagan, Bernard (CO904/200/133)
Fahy, Frank (CO904/201/134)
Falvey, John (CO904/201/135)
Farmer, John (CO904/201/136)
Feeney, John Francis (CO904/201/137)
Ferguson, Ernest Reid (CO904/201/138)
Ferguson, Wm (CO904/201/139)
Ferran, Dr Francis P (CO904/201/140)
Figgis, Darrel (CO904/201/141)
Finnigan, Patrick (CO904/201/142)
Finnigan, Peter (CO904/201/143)
Fitzgerald, Desmond (CO904/201/144)
Fitzgerald, John (CO904/201/145)
Fitzgerald, Thomas (CO904/201/146)
Fitzgibbon, Patrick (& Flavin, Daniel J) (CO904/201/147)
Fleming, James (CO904/201/148)
Flynn, Richard (CO904/201/150)
Fogarty, Denis (CO904/201/151)
Fogarty, Michael (CO904/201/152)
Forster, Captain (CO904/201/153)

Gaffney, Thomas St. John (CO904/202/154)
Gahan, John (CO904/202/155)
Gahan, Miss Florence (CO904/202/156)
Gallagher, Owen (CO904/202/157)
Gannon, John (CO904/202/158)
Gartland, Peter J (CO904/202/159)
Gervias, Francis Peter (CO902/202/160)
Gilmartin, Mrs Mary (CO904/202/161)
Ginnell, Laurence M.P (CO904/202/162)
Gilroy, Charles (CO904/202/163)
Gleeson, John (CO904/202/164)
Goff, B.J. (CO904/202/165)
Gonne, Miss Maud (CO904/202/166)
Gordon, William (CO904/203/167)
Goudie, C.R. (CO904/203/168)
Gradwell, R.A. (CO904/203/169)
Graham, Peter (CO904/203/170)
Greenspon, Simon (CO904/203/171)
Greagn, James (CO904/203/172)
Griffin, Denis (CO904/203/173)
Griffin, Miss Lucy (CO904/203/174)
Griffith, Arthur (CO904/203/175)
Gully (also Tully), John (CO904/203/176)

Hardy, J A (CO904/203/178)
Harrington, Daniel J (CO904/203/179)
Harris, C K (CO904/203/180)
Harte, Michael (CO904/203/181)
Hassett, James (CO904/203/182)
Healy, Cornelius (CO904/203/183)
Hewitt, Hamlet (CO904/203/184)
Higgins, James (CO904/203/185)
Hill, Dr. Georges Chatterton (CO904/203/186)
Hockdorfer, Carl (CO904/203/187)
Hoey, Miss Patricia (CO904/203/188)
Hogan, John J. (CO904/203/189)
Holohan, Mrs. Christina (CO904/203/190)
Horgan, Denis (CO904/203/191)
Horgan, James (CO904/203/192)
Horlacher, Carl (CO904/203/193)
Horst, Baron Von (CO904/203/194)
Howard, Alfred F (CO904/204/195)
Hutchinson, John (CO904/204/196)
Humphries, Richard (CO904/204/197)
Hurley, James (CO904/204/198)
Hyde, Dr Douglas (CO904/204/199)
Hynes (CO904/204/200)

Irvine, Private H (CO904/204/201)

Jaffe, Sir Otto (CO904/204/202)
Jameson, Richard (CO904/204/203)
Jeffares, A V (CO904/204/204)
Jocelyn, Viscount (CO904/204/205)
Johnston, Miss Lizzie (CO904/204/206)
Johnstone, R H (CO904/204/207)
Jones, John A (CO904/204/208)
Judge, John M (CO904/204/209)

Kane, Daniel (CO904/204/210)
Kane, Joseph (CO904/204/211)
Kavanagh, Michael J (CO904/204/212)
Keane, Miss (CO904/204/213)
Keane, James J (CO904/204/214)
Keating, William (CO904/204/215)
Keeffe, David (CO904/205/216)
Keenan, Patrick (CO904/205/217)
Kehoe, Michael (CO904/205/218)
Keighery, Thomas (CO904/205/219)
Keller, George M (CO904/205/220)
Kelly, John (CO904/205/221)
Kennedy, John (CO904/205/222)
Kennedy, Thomas (CO904/205/223)
Kenny, Joseph (CO904/205/224)
Kenny, Moses (CO904/205/225)
Kenny, Valentine (CO904/205/226)
Kilgallen, John (CO904/205/227)
King, Private A (CO904/205/228)
King, Charles (CO904/205/229)
Klingner, A (CO904/205/230)
Koss, Joseph (CO904/205/231)

Larkin, Allen (CO904/206/232)
Larkin, Thomas (CO904/206/233)
Larkin, Thomas Joseph (CO904/206/234)
Lavin, Patrick (CO904/207/235)
Lawder, J Ormsby (CO904/207/236)
Layng, J J (CO904/207/237)
Leahy, Miss Mary (CO904/207/238)
Lear, Albert (CO904/207/239)
Lee, Patrick (CO904/207/240)
Leigh, Miss Mary (CO904/207/241)
Leonard, Mr (CO904/207/242)
Leo, Fred (CO904/207/243)
Liddy, Gerard B. (CO904/207/244)
Lillis, Thomas (CO904/207/245)
Limerick, Bishop of (CO904/207/246)
Linehan, John (CO904/207/247)
Long, John & Patrick (CO904/207/248)
Loughran, William (CO904/207/249)
Love, Inspector (CO904/207/250)
Lynch, Daniel (CO904/207/251)
Lynch, Edward (CO904/207/252)
Lynch, Fenton (CO904/207/253)
Lynch, John (CO904/207/254)
Lynch, Thomas A (CO904/207/255)
Lynn, Dr Kathleen (CO904/207/256)
Lyon, Michael (CO904/207/257)

McBride, Major John (CO904/208/258)
McBride, Mrs Maud Goone (CO904/208/259)
McCabe, Alexander (CO904/208/260)
MacConastair, John Jospeh (CO904/209/226)
McCable, Patrick (CO904/209/261)
McCann, Pierce (CO904/209/262)
McCarthy, Daniel (CO904/209/263)
McCarthy, Denis F (CO904/209/264)
McCarthy, John (CO904/209/265)
McCormack, P (CO904/209/267)
McCullagh, Patrick (CO904/209/268)
McDonagh, John (CO904/209/269)
McDonagh, Patrick J (CO904/209/270)
McElvogue, Arthur (CO904/209/271)
McEvoy, Michael (CO904/209/272)
McFeely, Neil (CO904/209/273)
McGarry, B J & John (CO904/209/274)
McGettigan, Edward Daniel (CO904/209/275)
McGinley, Miss Nellie (CO904/209/276)
McGowan, James (CO904/209/277)
McGrath, Jeremiah (CO904/209/278)
McGrath, John (CO904/209/279)
McGrath, Joseph (CO904/209/280)
McGrath, Laurence (CO904/209/281)
McGuinness, Frank (CO904/209/282)
McGuinness, Patrick (CO904/209/283)
McGuirk, Patrick K (CO904/209/284)
McLoughlin, George (CO904/209/285)
McMahon, Patrick (CO904/209/286)
McManus, (Brothers) (CO904/209/287)
McNamee, John (CO904/209/288)
McNabb, Dr H Russell (CO904/209/289)
McNeill, John (CO904/209/290)
McNeillis (CO904/209/291)
McNiven, John (CO904/209/292)
McSwiney, Patrick (CO904/209/293)
McSweeney, Peter (CO904/209/294)
McWalter, Dr James C (CO904/209/295)

Manning, Denis (CO904/209/296)
Markievicz, Countess Constance Georgina (CO904/209/297)
Maudslay, Mrs W H (CO904/210/298)
Mayberry, Charles (CO904/210/299)
Milling, J C (CO904/210/300)
Milligan, Miss Alice (CO904/210/301)
Milroy, John (CO904/210/302)
Minihan, John (CO904/210/303)
Mitchell, Miss Susan (CO904/210/304)
Moloney, Miss Helena (CO904/210/305)
Monaghan, Alfred (CO904/210/306)
Montagu, Austin Robert (CO904/210/307)
Mooney, Miss Annie (C0904/210/308)
Mooney, James (CO904/210/309)
Moore, Colonel Maurice (CO904/210/310)
Moran, James J (CO904/210/311)
Mortished, R J (CO904/210/312)
Murphy, Finton (CO904/210/313)
Murphy, James (CO904/210/314)
Murphy, Michael (CO904/210/315)
Murphy, R E (CO904/210/316)
Murray, Frederick (CO904/210/317)
Murray, James (CO904/210/318)
Meerwald, Mrs Emma (CO904/210/319)

Nagle, John (CO904/210/320)
Neill, Joseph (CO904/210/321)
Neylon, Michael (CO904/210/322)
Nolan, Stephen (CO904/210/323)
Nolan, Thomas (CO904/210/324)

O’Connell, Michael (CO904/211/325)
O’Connor, James (CO904/211/326)
O’Connor, Miss Margaret (CO904/211/327)
O’Connor, T P (CO904/211/328)
O’Doherty, Florence E (CO904/211/329)
O’Driscoll, Denis (CO904/211/330)
O’Duffy, Eimir (CO904/211/331)
O’Duffy, Owen (CO904/211/332)
O’Dyer, Eamon (CO904/211/333)
O’Flanagan, Rev M (CO904/211/334)
O’Grady, George (CO904/212/335)
O’Hanlon, David (CO904/211/336)
O’Keeffe, Thomas Ambrose (C0904/211/337)
O’Kelly, Miss Marie (CO904/211/338)
O’Leary, Jeremiah (CO904/212/339)
O’Leary, John (CO904/212/340)
O’Mahony, W (CO904/212/341)
O’Malley, Thomas (CO904/212/342)
O’Neill, James (CO904/212/343)
O’Neill, Joseph (CO904/212/344)
O’Neill, Rev Laurence (CO904/212/345)
O’Neill, Terence (CO904/212/346)
O’Rourke, Bernard (CO904/212/347)
O’Ryan, Michael (CO904/212/348)
O’Sullivan, Arthur (CO904/212/349)
O’Sullivan, John (CO904/212/350)
O’Sullivan, Paul (CO904/212/351)
Oliver, Charles D (CO904/212/352)
Osborne, C M (CO904/212/353)

Pankhurst, Miss Sylvia (CO904/212/354)
Partridge, W P (CO904/212/355)
Patey, L C (CO904/212/356)
Petersen, Charles (CO904/212/357)
Phillips, Francis (CO904/212/358)
Plunkett, George Noble Count (CO904/213/359)
Plunkett, Mrs Grace (CO904/213/360)
Pokorny, Julius (CO904/231/361)
Power, Sir James A (CO904/213/362)
Punch, Edward (CO904/213/363)

Quinlan, Miss Julia (CO904/213/364)
Quinlisk, Harry Timothy (CO904/213/365)
Quinn, Michael (CO904/213/366A)

Redican, James Joseph (CO904/213/366B)
Redmond, Laurence (CO904/213/367)
Redmond, William (CO904/213/368)
Reeves, J H (CO904/213/369)
Reichenbach, Karl (C0904/213/370)
Reilly, Andrew (CO904/213/371)
Reilly, John (CO904/213/372)
Reilly, Thomas (CO904/213/373)
Reinemer, Franklin (CO904/213/374)
Reynolds, Hubert (CO904/213/375)
Reynolds, Michael F. (CO904/213/376)
Richards, W (CO904/213/377)
Riehle, Miss Lena (CO904/213/378)
Rigney, William (CO904/213/379)
Ring, Michael Joseph (CO904/214/380)
Ring, Timothy D (CO904/214/381)
Ringdkopf, August (CO904/214/382)
Roe, Lieut W H (CO904/214/383)
Rohan, Patrick (CO904/214/384)
Rohn, T R (CO904/214/385)
Rooney, Miss Mary Josephine (CO904/214/386)
Roshine, Hugh Ward (CO904/214/387)
Ruane, Thomas (CO904/214/388)
Russell, Mrs Alice (CO904/214/389)
Ryan, Frederick (CO904/214/390)
Ryan, Miss Mary Teresa (CO904/214/391)
Ryan, Mrs Mary (CO904/214/392)
Ryder, N (CO904/214/393)

Schmutz And Heise (CO904/214/394)
Scully, John (CO904/214/395)
Shanahan, Thomas (CO904/214/396)
Shee, S (CO904/214/397)
Sheehan, Daniel (CO904/214/398)
Sheehan, John (CO904/214/399)
Sheehan, Michael (CO904/214/400)
Sheehan, Rev Peter (CO904/214/401)
Shields, B (CO904/214/403)
Shiels, James (CO904/214/404)
Shouldice, J (CO904/214/405)
Siddiki, K W (CO904/214/406)
Sinnott, Thomas D (CO904/214/407)
Skeffington, Francis Sheehy (CO904/215/408)
Sligo, Lord (CO904/215/409)
Smith, Mrs Catherine (CO904/215/410)
Smyth, James (CO904/215/411)
Somers, Mrs (CO904/215/412)
Stack, Austin (CO904/215/413)
Stafford, George E (CO904/215/414)
Steinhard, Charles (CO904/215/415)
Stolberg, Count (CO904/215/416)
Stuart, Roy (CO904/215/417)
Stynes, Edward (CO904/215/418)
Sullivan, Jeremiah (CO904/215/419)
Sullivan, James Mark (CO904/215/420)
Sullivan, W (CO904/215/421)
Sugrun, Patrick (CO904/215/422)
Sweetman, Rev J F (CO904/215/423)

Talty, Murty (CO904/215/424)
Thornton, Michael (CO904/216/425)
Tierney, Jeremiah (CO904/216/426)
Tottenham, Lt Col (CO904/216/427)
Tracey, Joseph (CO904/216/428) Note wrong cover on file
Twomey, Mrs Lizzie (CO904/216/429)

Walford, Mrs E (CO904/216/430)
Walker, John (CO904/216/431)
Walsh, James (CO904/216/432)
Walsh, Michael (CO904/216/433)
Walsh, Patrick (CO904/216/434)
Walsh, Thomas (CO904/216/435)
Warburton, Colonel F T (CO904/216/436)
Warren, William F (CO904/216/437)
Wharton, Francis G (CO904/216/438)
White, Dr Vincent J (CO904/216/439)
Worth, James (CO904/216/440)

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