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Using the 1831 Tithe Defaulters

The CD-ROM is a stand alone publication, which does not require any additional software on the user's PC. In this way it is different from some of Eneclann's previous publications. The following is a brief introduction to using the CD.

1. The Home Page

The home page gives the user access to information about the publication, how to use it, technical support, and most importantly the data itself.

2. Search Page

The first page a user is brought to is the search page, where users can enter the personal and place details they are searching for. There are two options, including a 'free-text' search option. In this example we are searching for a Michael Shee.

3. Search Results

The CD will present a list (at the bottom of the screen) of the search hits recorded. As each item is highlighted the full details appear at the top of the screen. Users can then select the buttons on the right hand to find out more about the parish the defaulter came from, or see a full list of defaulters in the order they appear on the original records. In this case we have found two Michael Shees, the second one is a labourer from Kilrush in the civil parish of Clomantagh, Co. Kilkenny

4. Parish Page

This page gives further details about the civil parishes included on this CD-ROM. At the top of the page is given the name and location of the parish. The name of the parish is standardised against the 1851 Townland index, but the CD includes all alternate spellings and names for the parish as recorded on the original documents. Included here is also the original manuscript reference number (OPMA) at the National Archives, and the full text of the Affidavit submitted by the local clergyman. It is also worth comparing the numbers of households and houses recorded in the 1831 or 1841 census against the numbers of defaulters on this CD. The percentages are very high.

5. List of Defaulters

Users are also able to access the full list of defaulters for each parish on this page. This is important as family groups are often listed together.

The 1831 Tithe Defaulters is an essential resource for those tracing their Irish ancestry from the early nineteenth century

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