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Using Grenham's Irish Surnames

The CD-ROM is a stand alone publication, which does not require any additional software on the user's PC. In this way it is different from some of Eneclann's previous publications. The following is a brief introduction to using the CD.

1. The Home Page

The home page gives the user access to information about the publication, how to use it, technical support, and most importantly the data itself. It also contains the standard search box to enter your surname. Results are then accessed by selecting the tabs along the top of the screen.

2. Search Results - National Distribution

The first page a user is brought to is the National Distribution of the surname, as recorded in the Griffith Valuation 1847-1864. It is then possible to refine your search to a specific varient of the surnames, or where two surnames are recorded in the same parish. Users can then zoom in to a county or city to see the distribution by parish (see below).

3. Search Results - County Distribution

The CD contains civil parish maps for every county in Ireland, and this screen shows the distribution of a selected surname for each civil parish in that county. Users can then select a specific parish and find out what church records survive for every denomination.

4. Search Results - 1890 Distribution

This page gives the details recorded in Mathesonís Special Report on Surnames in Ireland published in 1894. Its is a very useful guide to surname distribution and frequency.

5. Search Results - Bibliography

This CD-ROM contains a detailed bibliography of books and articles which have been published about the selected surname.

5. Search Results - Surname Meanings

Grenham's Irish Surnames contains detailed information about the origin and meaning of surnames in Ireland.

6. Search Results - Coats of Arms and History

This CD also contains detailed histories and costs of arms for many Irish surnames.

Grenham's Irish Surnames is an essential introduction and ongoing resource for those tracing their Irish ancestry

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