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Using the Memorials of the Dead

This CD-ROM covers all graveyards and churches in west Counties Galway and Mayo and comprises all memorials with a date of 1901 or before. This date was chosen because this is the first surviving census for this section of Ireland. There are some exceptions, when a memorial, or group of associated memorials, has a relevant date all the text is included, regardless of subsequent dates.

The CD-ROM is a stand alone publication, which does not require any additional software on the users PC. In this way it is different from Eneclann's previous publications. The following is a brief introduction to using the CD.

1. The Home Page

The home page gives the user access to information about the publication, how to use it, technical support, and most importantly the data itself. It also contains an analytical study of the memorials.

2. The Search Screen

The Search Page allows you to search using five different criteria, as follows:
A) Search by Surname. Select a surname from this list, which will bring you directly to a list of memorials that are relevant.
B) Search by Church/Graveyard. Select a church or graveyard to be brought to a full list of the memorials at that location.
C) Search by Placename. Select a placename from the list to see all the memorials with that place mentioned.
D) Search by Occupation. Select an occupation from the list to get a full list of memorials which mention this occupation.
E) Free Text Search. Enter any word to search the contents of the CD. This type of search can sometimes miss relevant memorials because the word you are looking for may be split across two lines in the memorial. For this reason it is always worth searching by Surname or Placename as well.

3. Search Results
The search results page contains many different elements. Below are the results of a Surname Search for O’Malley:

At the bottom of the screen is the main Results list, which includes all the memorials found relating to O’Malley, and the church/graveyard where it can be found. Items can also be scrolled through using the ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’ buttons below the list, or selected using your mouse. As each item is highlighted on this list, the full details appear in the boxes above.

These boxes contain the name of the church/graveyard (top left), and below that the full list of Surnames for that church/graveyard. Beside these two boxes, there is a description of the church/graveyard (top right) underneath which is the County, and beside the Surname is the full text of the Memorial Inscription. Sometimes memorials are grouped where it is clear that they relate to the same family, and at other times sub references are given when a different surname (usually related by marriage) also appears on a memorial. Memorial inscriptions are laid out in lines, as they appear on the original. This means it is not uncommon to find a single word on a line, or large words broken over two lines. Below the Memorial Inscription you will find out what Type of memorial it is. In other words whether it is in a Church (and is a furniture memorial or plaque) or the Graveyard (and is a headstone, iron or wooden cross).

Users can also ignore the search results at any time and just browse through the records for a selected Church/Graveyard. Just select a Church/Graveyard, and you will immediately get a list of relevant memorials by Surname.

4. The Map Pages

A useful way of finding information is to search using the maps. There are three levels to the maps. The first shows the western half of counties Galway and Mayo, with lakes shaded blue, upland shaded brown, roads in black, and the county boundary in red. You can select a county for a more detailed view. This will bring you to the next level of detail, containing the names of principal landmarks and towns. The area covered by this CD-ROM is represented to the west of a green line. A user can now select a part of the county to see where each Church/Graveyard is loacted. This third level of detail has the names of each Church Graveyard, and if you click on the red diamond it will bring you directly to the records for that location.

This CD-ROM is a must for all those studying the history and genealogy of the west coast of Connaught.

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