Ethics and Code of Conduct

Eneclann’s team maintains high professional standards and ethical conduct.  Find out more about our Archivists’ and Genealogists’ Codes of Conduct.

Archives and Records Management
All Eneclann Archives and Records Management staff are professionally qualified archivists. We carry out our contracts and business dealings in accordance with the Archives and Records Association’s Code of Conduct.

The basic tenets of this code are as follows:

  • Members of the Association must conduct themselves in such a way that their behaviour would not reasonably be regarded by the Council of the Association as professional misconduct.
  • Members must endeavour to develop their professional understanding and expertise, to contribute to extending the body of professional knowledge and to ensure that those whose training or activities they supervise are equipped to carry out their tasks in a professional manner.
  • Members must act with due regard to the Association’s Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Members must refrain from activities that might prejudice their professional integrity.
  • Members must perform their function in respect of the creation, maintenance and disposal of current and semi-current records, the selection, acceptance and acquisition of records for archival custody, the safeguarding, preservation and conservation of records in their care and the arrangement, description, publication and making available for use of those records in accordance with generally accepted archival principles and practices, offering impartial advice to all and employing available resources to provide a balanced range of services.
  • Members must not misuse or allow unauthorised disclosure or use of any information acquired by them, in confidence, in the course of their professional work.
  • The primary duty of members is to maintain the integrity of the records in their care and custody but in performing this duty, they must balance the respective legitimate rights and interests of employers, owners, data subjects and users, both present and future.
  • Members must seek to avoid conflict with their professional colleagues and with members in related professions and strive to resolve difficulties on a basis of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Members must not seek or seem to ascribe to the Association responsibility for views expressed or actions taken by them unless expressly authorised to do so.

All Eneclann genealogists are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists, agreeing that professionalism in genealogy requires ethical conduct in all relationships with the present or potential genealogical community.
Members agree to:

  • Promote a coherent, truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history.
  • Present research results and opinions in a clear, well-organized manner; fully and accurately cite references; and refrain from withholding, suppressing, or knowingly misquoting or misinterpreting sources or data.
  • Promote the trust and security of genealogical consumers.
  • Advertise services and credentials honestly, avoiding the use of misleading or exaggerated representations; explain without concealment or misrepresentation all fees, charges, and payment structures; abide by agreements regarding project scope, number of hours, and deadlines and reporting schedules; keep adequate, accessible records of financial and project-specific contacts with the consumer; and refrain from knowingly violating or encouraging others to violate laws and regulations concerning copyright, right to privacy, business finances, or other pertinent subjects.
  • Support initiatives that preserve public records and access to them.
  • Be courteous to research facility personnel and treat records with care and respect; support efforts to locate, collect, and preserve the records by compiling, cataloging, reproducing, and indexing documents; refrain from mutilating, rearranging, or removing from their proper custodians printed, original, microfilmed, or electronic records.
  • Promote the welfare of the genealogical community.
  • Give proper credit to those who supply information and provide assistance; refrain from (or avoid) knowingly soliciting established clients of another researcher; encourage applicable education, accreditation, and certification; and refrain from public behavior, oral remarks or written communications that defame the profession, individual genealogists, or the Association of Professional Genealogists.