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My Ancestor Was A … Clergyman

110730 augustinians Eneclann Newsletter 30 July 2011Was your ancestor a clergyman? This newsletter Elizabeth Cuddy, Eneclann’s Research Manager, describes what records you can use to trace your clerical ancestors.

Special Discount

110730 churchmen Eneclann Newsletter 30 July 2011This fortnight, to accompany our research tip on clerical ancestors, we have a special 30% off all our church records and directories titles when you use the discount code CR2011. This encompasses twenty-one publications in total, from directories to histories. Even if your ancestor wasn’t a clergyman, you still might find the 1831 Tithe Defaulters useful for finding your family since it has nearly 30,000 names and details of people who refused to pay their tithes to the Church of Ireland. Visit the Eneclann shop now.

County Focus – Cork

110730 Cork Eneclann Newsletter 30 July 2011We’ve a great selection of Cork related titles for you to peruse if your ancestors hailed from the Rebel County! If you want local statistical information on the county from before the Famine, then Cork is one of the counties that was surveyed as part of the Statistical Survey, this survey dates from 1810. If your ancestor was a labourer in Cork then you can find out more about their working lives and conditions in the Agricultural Labourer Part 2 and Part 4. We also have the index to the marriage licence bonds for the diocese of Cloyne 1630-1800 and 1899-1900. Since these records were destroyed in the Four Courts Fire, this publication is the only surviving index. Of course, we also have a range of directories covering Cork including Pigot’s, Slater’s, Guy’s Directory of Munster from 1893 and Henry and Coughlan’s General Directory of Cork and Munster, 1867. Take a look at our other Cork titles.

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